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About us

Trevor and Jocelyn both studied art and design and had professional careers as landscape architects. Relocation to France gave them the opportunity to pursue art in a typically French manner: painting in the open air and taking inspiration from the local architecture, natural heritage and culture. As well as exhibiting their work in their gallery they have been invited to many exhibitions in the UK and France. 

Trevor Bridge: Artist - Painter

My paintings are motivated by many years of working in design and my interests in art, landscape, architecture, nature and the environment. An Englishman in France, I view my surroundings as an outside observer, which enables me to capture my subjects with a fresh eye. I work almost exclusively in pastel, which is well suited to my semi-impressionistic style, but I also enjoy working in pen and ink and water colour.

Jocelyn Bridge: Artist - Painter

When people ask me how long I have painted I say, "There's never been a time in my life when I've not drawn and painted". It is the one thing that has been constant in my life. I always carry a sketch book and my ideas begin in the open air, directly in front of the subject. When I paint I am drawn by the colour, character and the seasonal changes of my surroundings. I work in all media using a variety of techniques.


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